Friday, July 15, 2011

Minh Tuyet & Quang Le Live Show in Vietnam 2011

You've probably heard about Minh Tuyet and Quang Le's live show in Vietnam among other singers. There were lots of headlines, advertisements, and photos here and there. It's nothing new nowadays for overseas singers to return "home." It is quite the trend and many singers are picking up the opportunity to do so since audiences at home crave something new, exciting and different that they don't get to see every day. As you know people in Vietnam are obsess with everything foreign and overseas thus the success of Adam Jona. And usually when singers in Vietnam lose their "value" they turn to overseas showbiz as a new playing field and vice versa. However, the success when switching is not always a guarantee. But back to Minh Tuyet and Quang Le who are pretty much a-list singers in the U.S. with lots of fans even in Vietnam. Their appearance together is a hit and something wonderful for the fans in Vietnam. Check out some photos below of their trip to Vietnam. Click on the images to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

minh tuyet dieu qua i dont/t like her

Anonymous said...

minh nhu minhn tuyet nguoi mien nam tai sao moi lan noi chuyen hay gia giong bac ky dieu qua ilike ha phuong va cam ly rat that tha chat phat de thuong even they rich but they khong kieu cang

Tee said...

What happen to Quan Le? How come he look so ugly now. He use to look so HOT!