Saturday, July 09, 2011

Thai Doanh Doanh Left Asia?

Thai Doanh Doanh has been MIA from recent Asia DVDs. In showbiz, when a singer is missing for some time it could be that they're starting a family and giving birth or simply not working with that production company anymore in the case of Tu Quyen for example. Another theory is that since Asia has been very anti-Chinese that Doanh Doanh gets taken off because she usually sings in Chinese songs. However those are just theories, I don't have an answer for why the singer has not been showing up in Asia DVDs. I don't even remember the last production number that she appeared in. If you have an answer or any new ideas as to why, feel free to inform me. 


Tomee said...

She didn't bring much to Asia, not great star quality.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask Asia to get updated? People like VietDzung or NamLoc could give an exact aswer.