Friday, July 08, 2011

Thanh Ha: Prefer to Cry in a Car than Sit Laughing on a Bus

Thanh Ha shared in an interview her thoughts to the phrase" hồng nhan bạc phận." This phrase talks about women, usually beautiful women who end up with a tragic fate. According to the singer, she rather has beauty and suffers than no beauty and still suffers. Thus she likes the phrase "Thà ngồi khóc trên xe hơi riêng, còn hơn ngồi cười trên xe bus," meaning rather cry on a car than sit on a bus laughing or smiling. Thus she prefer luxury and to be rich than to have happiness and live poor. Furthermore Thanh Ha talks about her struggle as a singer singing for 18 years and how she wishes to have 18 more years. The motivation made the singer that she is today is from being a girl without a father leaving far away from home, which made her wants to work harder. Source

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