Monday, August 15, 2011

Tu Quyen Response to Rumors of Leaving Thuy Nga

There have been rumors that Tu Quyen left Thuy Nga because she's no longer a favorite of the production. The singer was not present on two production numbers, 102 and 103. However, Tu Quyen is set to appear in Paris By Night 104 - Beginnings in Las Vegas. In response to recent rumors and to provide an answer to fans, Tu Quyen posted a note on her Facebook page. The note to fans confirmed her appearance in Paris By Night 104 and that her relationship with Thuy Nga is still in good terms. Furthermore she explained that it is inevitable that at some point her relationship with Thuy Nga will end only so that new ones can start. In Thuy Nga's forum, Tu Quyen's discussion section is quite dead. There are not many active fans in the discussion compared to other singers of the production. Tu Quyen is a veteran singer with a great voice. She also has a natural beauty that looks good even with minimal make-up. A lot of singers would take loads of studio pictures or post up a lot of photos daily, but not Tu Quyen. She's a private kind of singer. From her Facebook to MySpace page, you have to be friends to see anything. Anyway, read her note below and let me know what you think.

To All My Fans:

In light of recent rumors surrounding my relationship with Thuy Nga Productions, I'd like to speak out to my fans, and to the fans of Paris By Night as a whole. As you know, rumors are generated all the time and as most are far from the truth and hurtful, I don't keep up with them. Fans have been particularly concerned though, and I'd like to say, that my relationship with Thuy Nga Productions is on good terms. If it weren't, I wouldn't be a part of Paris By Night 104.

To be performing on Paris By Night's stage now for over 10 years has been more than I have ever dreamed of, and I'm still going to Vegas! These rumors did make me reflect, however, on the reality of things though. Thuy Nga Productions spends millions to bring entertainment to our Vietnamese people the world over. The company makes very tough decisions everyday. At some point, relationships will end with some artists, and begin with new. As a Paris By Night viewer myself, I am appreciative of how the show has evolved over the years. If that day comes when Thuy Nga no longer invites me, I'm going to look back and know that endings are inevitable for beginnings to take place - the very theme of Paris By Night 104 in Las Vegas this Labor Day weekend.
So, once again to all my fans and those of Paris By Night, please disregard the rumors and know that the only way you'll see me on that stage is to come to Vegas to support Paris By Night 104 or buy the original DVD, but it'd be so wonderful to meet you all, yes, in VEGAS! Tickets are running low, but still available! Hope to see you there!

Tu Quyen

P.S. Getting ready for the show, and oh boy, I'm EXCITED!!

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