Friday, September 16, 2011

Ho Le Thu Response to Rumors of Leaving Thuy Nga

Audiences were soon to notice that singer Ho Le Thu was missing in Paris by Night 104. After many years of working with Thuy Nga, Ho Le Thu is definitely a fan favorite and has earned her spot among top singers. Rumors have it that her relationship with Thuy Nga went sour after many years of working together. Ho Le Thu responded to such rumor and also answered questions about her absence in the new Paris by Night 104 in Las Vegas in recent news article. The reasons was due to a small misunderstanding between her and the production company, but the issue has gotten much larger than it was because certain "people" were adding oil and seasoning to the conflict. "On one stage, two singers cannot become sisters," explained Ho Le Thu about showbiz world. Indeed between the smiles, laughter, dancing that you see on stage as well as in behind the scenes videos, there is an underlining competitiveness as there is always in any professional, but in showbiz it gets a lot more cattier and vicious at times. He said he said, hatred, jealous, and etc... We just don't know until we're experiencing it from the inside.

"I am very sad about the gossips that were spread in articles posted on many websites about my absence in Paris by Night 104..." Ho Le Thu explained that the rumors were not necessarily as it is not a big deal for a singer to not appear in a taping of a production he/she been worked with for many years. She also comments that she will always respects as well as be grateful to Thuy Nga Production for their help in the early stages of her career overseas. Ho Le Thu is denying the rumor that she's looking for a new company to join. The singer shared that a few other productions had asked her to join them, but she is still waiting to see what happens when things clear out and then make her decision on what to do. Source

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