Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Paris by Night 104 VIP Party Photos

I remember there was a VIP party not long ago for Paris by Night 100 and now another for Paris by Night 104 - Beginnings in Las Vegas, Nevada. Someone said that Thuy Nga Paris by Night 104 is the event of the year and that everyone is looking forward to it. Well, I know that I am because it has the appearance of Anh Minh and return of Tu Quyen. I can't wait for the DVD to come out, but now I will leave you with some photos from the VIP party. Enjoy. OH AND OMG MAI TIEN DUNG'S HAIR!!!!

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Nancy//Tvb Shine said...

I bought & enjoyed the 100 VIP party a lot. It's entertaining and fun to watch them being themselves & partying and outside of the stage. I KNOW! I freaked out about MTD's hair too, :(

According to Toc Tien she said he dyed it for their duet/closing in PBN 104. Either way, I'm so sad :(