Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nguyen Khang's Son Hospitalized

Nguyen Khang's son, Nathan (Cu Rim) who turned one month in July of this year was sent to the emergency room about 7 days ago because of a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that attacked the poor baby causing respiratory tract infections. "Cu Rim" suffers from constant coughs and inflammation of the lung making it hard to breath. "This afternoon he had a fever higher than 101, therefore we had to bring him to the emergency room... " Nguyen Khang's wife Lam Bao Nhu shared yesterday via Facebook when commenting about her son's health condition. Cu Rim has to remain in the hospital and is under close monitor. The baby has trouble sleeping due to constant coughs and would throw up when he drinks his milk. "It's only been a few days, and he's getting thinner," said his mom as she worries for her baby. Cu Rim receives medication through a steaming inhaler into his nose. Poor baby, hope he gets well soon. :/


Dan said...

This is so sad... my prayers goes out to Nguyen Khang, his family, and especially his son.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. But I find the first photo's very inappropriate. I mean I would never throw such photo's of my child on the internet.

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayer go to Nguyen Khang and his wife as well as his family. It was much surprise to see the baby's picture in hospital and condition were shown online. Do they have have any sense of privacy? In addition, I think it's about time Nguyen Khang stop the smoking for it might be the reason the baby experience the bad health.