Monday, September 12, 2011

Toc Tien's Afraid to Get Cosmetic Surgery

In a recent interview, Toc Tien shared reason why she has not gotten any cosmetic surgery. It is because the singer is afraid of the pain that comes with it. Toc Tien shared that there are things on her body she would want to alter such as her broad forehead, making it bit shorter and raising the nose a bit higher. She had thought about going under the knife but was too afraid. Furthermore Toc Tien shared her thoughts on plastic surgery, "I, myself do not opposed plastic surgery, but I believe there should be a limit, don't go too far and respect your natural beauty; don't make yourself into someone else." After the releasing of her new album, "My Turn," Toc Tien is currently just doing shows and practicing for her performance on Thuy Nga Paris by Night. Perhaps in the near future she will come out with another album of older music that will be releasing in both markets (Vietnam and U.S.). . Source

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Katie Hallison said...

Ah, the fear or pain is understandable. Many plastic surgery procedures are an investment. It takes time to recover, to see the full effects of one procedure, so it's understandable to have some reservations regarding it.