Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hubby Tien Dung Drew a Portrait of Wife Tam Doan

Singer Tien Dung, Tam Doan's husband drew a picture of his wife seen in the pictures below. The couple has been marrying for quite awhile and has a daughter named Darlena. They're happily married and Darlena also known as "Tieu Doan" is Tam Doan's little precious. She gives everything to her daughter in order to provide for her daughter with the happiness and natural childhood, which the singer lacks growing up; Tam Doan shared this in an interview with her sister Kristine Sa on Heart to Heart with Kristine Sa.

"Thay Bo cua Tieu Doan ve Me dep khong?"

"Think Mimmy s gonna like it???"

"Ong xa Tien Dung ve day! Final product!"

"Early Thanksgiving dinner hihi"

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Anonymous said...

They are a very happily and beautiful family and seem very down to earth.