Friday, November 18, 2011

Justin Nguyen & Trina Bao Tran's Photo Shoot

I wonder what is up with Justin Nguyen and Trina Bao Tran.... The last couple photo shoot I saw was of Huy Vu and Quynh Vi and they got hitched. Justin and Trina were at the temple together and hanging out in AC a while back. Now they're together in a dreamy photo shoot by Tin Photography. As best friend and maybe as brother and sister but I don't think they have much chemistry as a couple or at least I don't see anything in the images below. Trina is pretty and her pictures as of late are nice, but the mouth ruins 90% of the photos. For example in these photos, she looks lost, too pose-y, awkward and tired. Justin just has the baby face, young boy look so he doesn't quite bring on the sex appeal. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

All pics of Trina's face are one dimensional, nothing unique with her facial expression and lips. Justin has a baby face indeed and is not a good match for Trina. This is a very awkward looking photo shoot with the two of them holding hands because they look a lot more like sibblings.

Anonymous said...

She tries too hard with the mouth/ lips.. it's too the point of ANNOYING! It's not pretty, please stop it!!