Monday, November 14, 2011

Miss Vietnam Continent 2011's Winner Ngoc Trinh's Sex Scandal

It looks like Miss Vietnam Continents 2011 winner Ngoc Trinh is joining the pack of the celebs with a sex scandal. The beauty queen who faced much controversy over her winning title is now dealing with nude photos published all over the Internet. Of course there is always the notion of whether or not it is actually photos of Ngoc Trinh. But somehow I believe it by just reading the headline "Miss Vietnam 2011 Sex Photos." The beauty queen and lingerie model is known for her being boastful. "It’s very costly to love me and I would never marry a poor man," shared Ngoc Trinh in an interview. Her attitude made her unlikable by the public and those around thus it is likely that the pictures were leaked to ruin her. On the other hand, the images might just help her fame even more as we have seen that those who have leaked sex related images and or videos tend to become more successful and well known. Let me know what you think. Source

To view additional photos, click here. [18+]


Anonymous said...

SO basically she's saying that it cost a lot of money to get her into bed... i.e. she's an expensive prostitute of some sort. Personally, I don't think he's pretty. It must have been a pretty ugly pageant if she won (assuming fairly).

Anonymous said...

well said.