Friday, December 30, 2011

Tran Thu Ha's Baby Photo

Tran Thu Ha welcomes baby girl with hubby Binh Doan. Back in September, the singer talks about her career and of course the joy of having a baby for a mom to be ... and now that dream is coming alive in a form of a baby girl by name of Nala Yen Doan. It is unsure of the date and time Nala was born but on December 20, 2011 the singer was still complaining about the newborn to be kicking in her tummy. He also jokes about having her baby learn kung fu to be like Kungfu Panda. Its seem however that Tran Thu Ha is keeping it hush hush about her baby and any info's, only sharing with close friends and family. A status on her Facebook page reads, Admin: The photo of Ha and Binh's baby was posted here without their permission. Please respect their privacy." Anyhow, check out the baby image below along with images of the singer when she was on stage performing while very pregnant. Source

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