Thanh Ha's Boyfriend Competing in V-Star

Roland Casiquin Jr is a current beau of singer Thanh Ha. He is among many hopefuls competing in Thuy Nga's singing competition V-Star - Ngo Sao Dem Nay. Listed as a resident in Fountain Valley, California with a occupation as a musician, producer and sound engineer and is of age 30, Roland hopes that he could go far in the competition despite of his ethnicity as a Filipino. He wrote, "...I feel that music is "universal". Even though I am "nguoi Phi", Roland yeu am nhac Viet". I don't have many Vietnamese friends, so please come check out my Demo. If you like what you hear, please vote for me..." If you like to vote for him, click here. To know more about the romance between Roland and Thanh Ha and how he helped her change, click here.