Sunday, July 08, 2007

Derailed Heart - Trái Tim Lạc Lối

Derailed Heart is a story of love, loss and deceipt masked in a world of domestic tranquility. Derailed Heart follows Nghi as she starts to question the happiness of her five year marriage to Quan. One day she ventures out to the city, reminiscing of her youth as a singer when she meets a handsome young musician named Dat. Equally taken with each other, the two strangers begin a passionate affair that ends in heartbreak and murder. Starring Vietnamese singing and acting sensation Y Phung as Nghi, Canadian Television star Thai Hoa Le as Quan and Tuan Hai as Dat.

Cast: Y Phung, Thai Hoa Le, Tuan Hai
Director: Brent Roske
Genre(s): Drama
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Website: Aramyth Website for Derailed Heart



My Comments:
There is not much info on this movie at the moment. So I don’t know like how I can watch it, if it is out on DVD or not. I think it was released in 2006. I like Y Phung and I seen her acting before when she was still living in Vietnam so I’m looking forward to seeing her in this movie. I hope it is good. So far by the trailer, the movie is a bit sexual or maybe that’s what they usually do to trailers to attract audiences. Check out other films, Saigon Eclipse, The Rebel, Saigon Love Story, Journey From The Fall and The Spirits.


Anonymous said...

this movie looks very bad lol.... they really should try making a more tasteful trailer

Unknown said...

Will this movie come out anytime soon? It's been 4 years