Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saigon Eclipse - Nhật Thực

"The Curse of Beauty and the Cost of Loyalty"

English Title: Saigon Eclipse
Vietnamse Title: Nhật Thực

"Kieu a beautiful and talented actress, is starring in a film directed by Kim, an American/Vietnamese who has come back to Vietnam to become a part of the new wave of Vietnamese film culture. The film is being produced by her Uncle Henry and her mother Ba Tu. It is a seemingly wonderful situation until the fragile family balance is disrupted when Kieu falls in love with her director, and Uncle Henry's mounting gambling debts shut down production of the film. Uncle Henry embraces dishonest ways to pay off his debts entering the murky realm of human trafficking. Kieu must come to terms with the curse of beauty and the cost of loyalty that has forever burdened her life. Can Kieu save her family? And will our modern Kieu find her way back to her one true love?"

Cast: Truong Ngoc Anh, Dustin Nguyen, Johny Nguyen, Marjolaine Bui, Daniel You, Edmund Chen, Nhu Quynh, Joseph Chang Tseng, and more
Director: Othello Khanh
Writer: Othello Khanh, John Board, & Bernard Leroy Deval
Genre(s): Drama
Runtime: 90 mins
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My Thoughts:
I didn’t see this movie yet but I want to just because I like to support the Vietnamese film industry and also because I’m a fan of Truong Ngoc Anh. I seen many other drama of her such as Dong Tien Suong Mau, Giao Thoi, Gia Tu Di Vang, etc, which she did a great job. As for this movie, I’m not very hype about it just because the casting isn’t interesting to me. It’s another movie that has Minh Tri and Dustin Nguyen in it. I’m not very fond of Dustin Nguyen, not sure why, I just don’t like him very much. Minh Tri, well anyone else? The characters and the storyline are typical and cliché, simply because the casting of Truong Ngoc Anh and everything around her. Once again, she’s the leading lady whose beauty is a curse, blah blah. It is all the same with any movie it seems; well at least with Truong Ngoc Anh in it. We know she’s pretty, but let’s stop focusing so much on that, give her different roles. I’m looking forward to seeing other casts, beside the leading ones. Check out other films: The Rebel, Saigon Love Story, Derailed Heart, Journey From The Fall and The Spirits.


Anonymous said...

What it's in english? Nah I don't think I would wanna watch it then.

Anonymous said...

why? it's good that it's in English. that way other ppl who can't speak vietnamese can still enjoy it!! which makes it even more well-known! I support the idea that it's in english!

Anonymous said...

I can see what the producers are trying to do, in that they want to appeal to a wider market. The problem here is the same as with many other Asian movies that have been done in English. If you're going to do a movie with Asian people speaking English(In Asia?), I think ALL the actors need to speak FLAWLESS English. Otherwise, you are perpetuating stereotypes. Forget about having stars. Find and make new ones. There are millions of Asians worldwide that speak what is considered proper English.

What's the point of getting westerners to watch this movie when only the MOST open minded of them will not take notice or at some point mock what is obviously imperfect English.

JTN and DTN don't speak proper Vietnamese or English...