Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Như Quỳnh's Wedding Talk

In a recent interview singer Như Quỳnh discusses her wedding plans, which she last said to be for 2008. However, the singer is holding it off, not sure to the reasons why. (Busy?) Như Quỳnh also talks some things on her daughter, Melody Đồng Nghi, as well as her husband NT. She speaks candidly about her wishes for her daughter’s future career; will Melody follow her mom’s footsteps to become a singer? How about a little baby brother for Melody? Như Quỳnh answers many questions such as her controversial pregnancy, the rumors and criticisms from viewers, which she says are often false claims about her. And what NT does for a living. All of these details and more, to listen to the interview click here.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust NQ. I heard so many bad rumors about her. She's outrageous. PHEWWWW

Thuy said...

Who cares what you think about her. You have no taste anyway. You are missing so many good rumors about her. She's outrageously WOW. You are our #1 STAR chi NQ.

Beeritah said...

shut up all you haters. Most of you don't even know music. NQ is one of the most talented viet singer. I just saw NQ at Thuy Nga concert. She's beautiful, humble, and gracious...what's up with all your stupid rumors about her being conceited and stuff... I fell in love with NQ once again... i love you Nhu* Quynh ... hehe