Monday, March 10, 2008

Round Up News! 3/10/08

So what's up? Apparently everyone is pregnant! Yes, indeed since last year many celebrities has gotten marry so now it's time for a baby. Rumors have it that Loan Châu along with Tâm Doan is pregnant. It will be the first child for Tâm Doan and second for Loan Châu. Also words coming from Thái Doanh Doanh's school that she is pregnant as well. I wonder if it is a publicity stunt. Last year news broke that Cẩm Ly and Hà Phương were expecting their second child in November of 2007, but I haven’t heard anything afterward. And also what happened to the perfect couple Quang Dũng and Jennifer Phạm? Is it going to be a baby girl or baby boy? 2008 is going to be great aftermath year.

Bằng Kiều and his family are currently in Vietnam, the singer was reported to appear as an audience member in a show in Ha Noi. Bằng Kiều came up to give flowers to singer Ngọc Anh whom he used to study together in music school. Bằng Kiều didn’t sing in the show yet he came on stage to tell everyone just that, and also that he hopes to one-day sing in his hometown. What a great way to bring up attention and show everyone that he really wants to sing in Vietnam. What a set up!

Everyone feels sad for Minh Trí and Việt Thi separating, but now it is all about Johnny Trí Nguyễn and Ngô Thanh Vân. Apparently they are becoming more and more apparent, Trí Nguyễn is stepping up to the plate and showing his feelings for Thanh Vân. For me it all seems like a publicity stunt to make audiences who idolized the couple and play a hide and go seek game with the public. What do you think?

Thuy Nga Paris By Night 92 will feature something new, as the show creates a new theme allowing audiences to send videos requesting songs that they like. The video can be of a single person, pairs or a group. The winner’s video will get featured on the show, get a free copy of PBN 92 DVD (for everyone who’s included in the video if it is a pair or a group) and win tickets to the show. With that said, people send in your videos, the last date to send in is April 15, 2008. Good luck you guys. Click here for more info. PBN 92 will be at Knott's Berry Farm, California on May 10 - 11, 2008


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