Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thúy Nga's New Singer, Lưu Việt Hùng

Lưu Việt Hùng is Thúy Nga's new singer, appearing in Paris By Night 92: Nhạc Yêu Cầu in a duet with Hồ Lệ Thu. It seems that every since Bằng Kiều was a big hit, Thúy Nga Production keeps going back to Vietnam for new talents, and not to mention bringing over already famous names such as Trần Thu Hà, Thu Phương, and Quang Dũng. Recently, we see the appearance of another new singer, also from Vietnam, Nguyệt Anh, which I mentioned earlier this year about. Lưu Việt Hùng similarly has his starts in Vietnam, and did many performances before Thuy Nga was able to get a hold of him. However, even as big a star as Quang Dũng or Trần Thu Hà, the opportunity overseas, especially the U.S., is an attraction. The sky is the limit. We see these singers from Vietnam coming over, singers like Phi Nhung is coming back for a long term career at "home." The Vietnamese entertainment industry is constantly moving and adjusting according to current time. It is not only Thúy Nga who is looking for newer things, from singers to new show topics. Asia, and other productions are planning ahead as well. But first, what will become of Lưu Việt Hùng? Is he here to stay or will he disappear by a few shows? As for as looks, he is pretty good looking, but voice wise, nothing too special. We can only wish him good luck. What are your take on this new singer from Thúy Nga?

Check out some of his performances and some pictures


Inside Information said...

He will be able to stay as long as he doesn't break up with Mister Calvin Hiep, his lover.

Btw hun, it's Nguyet Anh (no accent mark over the A).

Love your blog. I'll try to help contribute as much juicy stuff as I can... ciao bella!

Anonymous said...

Not bad. And the guy can dance. I saw him in PBN 92. Wonder if they're going to bring over anyone else.

Karly said...

Thanks. Hmmn.. Thuy nga wrote Anh, for first song she sang and A'nh for the last....

Anonymous said...

Nuah i don't like his voice & his look somehow ???Man ! any sexy,good looking vietnamese singer ??? althought i think DANG NGUYEN new ASIA singer he's hot....Yummy

Anonymous said...

To writer "Inside Information said... "

For real??? That's weird. I think Viet Hung looks gay away. lol

Anonymous said...

I actually saw him sing in VN. He's much better looking outside but his voice is forgettable... I'll say the same to Nguyet Anh too

Le said...

Thoi Gian Hoi Xin Quay Ve is a good song.

inside information said...

They are a very happy couple. Luu Viet Hung & Calvin Hiep. Its not secret. They published a sweet TET Greeting in all the Vietnamese newspapers as hubbie and wife.

Random Rating said...

Here is my ratings on new singers on Thuy Nga (10 point scale):

Nguyet Anh:
-Look: 8/10 (cute)
-Voice: 5/10 (just average)
-Overall: she will still be around as long as she is still young but the voice... well, nothing impress about her voice, just like everyone can sing karaoke!

Luu Viet Hung:
-Look: 7/10 (cute but immature)
-Voice: 6/10 (just a little better than Nguyet Anh)
-Overall: it's a surprise to know that he's gay. Well, a lot of singers in Vietnam started their singing career by claiming that they're gay (such as Mr. Dam Vinh Hung, Quang Linh ... ??? scandal for attention???) Anyway, Luu Viet Hung is no where comparable to Dan Nguyen. Dan Nguyen has it all: the look, the voice, and his songs.

Mai Thien Van (duo with Quang Le):
-Look: 6/10 (above average)
-Voice: 9/10 (very quality voice, this is what you need to have to be called a professional singer)
-Overall: I would buy her CD!

Random Rating!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with many of the writers in this post. He has nothing special to offer. On the contrary, this is his second debut on Thuy Nga so we can't say much.

Nguyen Anh - she is even more forgetable. She is a C-listed singer. She ruined Sa Mac Tinh Yeu.

In conclusion, throw them both out.

Anonymous said...

Nguyet Anh was awesome in PBN 91 when she sang "Giong An Giang." But she butchered "Sa Mac Tinh Yeu" in PBN 92.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with male Vietnamese singers? They all look kinda gay or there is just something not right looking about them?

Anonymous said...

Mai thien van:
she rock man! for real. i love her voice. we all noe that her face isnt that pretty but her voice is dang good!

Luu viet hung:
hes ugly, bad voice, n cheap n gay

NGUyet anh:
shes pretty, and have a perfect body
but some how i dont like how she sing
her mouth is annoying
well she did a good job on GIong an giang

coibuon said...

i think he'll be on PBN for awhile

haha is for inside info's comment

Anonymous said...

Actually, I heard that Calvin Hiep is not that powerful in Thuy Nga anymore. Thuy Nga did not bring him over. Singers want to get on Thuy Nga more than Thuy Nga care to put them on stage. TN has many singers. LVH was brought to TN by CH who paid out money for paperworks to be done to get him to stay. LVH and Nguyet Anh's voices are forgettable. Trust me, TN won't keep them for long.

Anonymous said...

I think TN is kiling itself because it is now just putting on good looking people that can't sing much. It used to be an exclusive club, somewhat. There used to be legitimate singers on every shows, and now there are a bunch of new singers that sucks, some come and go even before we know how they were. From what I heard, if you have $5,000 dollars, they will LET you perform on PBN, ie into a show / DVD. And dont worry about the voice, computer will take care of that.

Anyway, back to the point, they used to have nhu quynh, truong vu, etc who are real singer, their veterans are good too, luu bich, bao han, minh tuyet... But now, it's seems too easy to get into their show, look at the new singers they have and the "winner" of the contest. ALL OF THEM are rejects from other contest such as the one from Asia. How does that look when their winners or someone else losers? At to the fact, they just want to make a DVD out of that idea, the same for copycat-ing Asia idea of giving out award from above average success in life, and they milked it twice. Anyway, their singers are trashes now, not saying Aisa or Van Son is much better, but at least not everyone can come and go on the other show quite as much. I.E. Paris By Night is becoming a slut of the music industry. More is not better.

Anonymous said...

Dang Nguyen 1st song for Asia was good. But the last one he sang was terrible, Quange Le was great at that song. As for looks, it's in the eyes of the beholder.

tommy_aus said...

Luu viet hung co giong hat tram am cam suc nam tinh , va gioi tinh cua Anh o lien quan gi va Anh huong gi den sang Tao nghe thuat ca, dieu nay khong it nguoi kho chiu va chap thuan. Day la Su thanh cong it nhieu trong cuoc doi lam ca Si tu ca Si hat nhac thi truong den nhung bai hat hay tren PBN la dieu o may ai co duoc. Chuc Anh voi nhung ca khuc moi thanh cong moi