Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thanh Thao Helps Justin Nguyen Jump-Start his Career in VN

Vietnam singer Thanh Thao who's music career music and fame has been long established. She was rumored to have a romantic relationship with singer Quang Dung in the past. With Thanh Thao's experience and capability, she's helping a young male singer on the rise, Justin Nguyen. You might know Justin from Tinh Music Production alongside with Vina Uyen Mi and Trina Bao Tran. His music career in the U.S. is quite rocky thus expanding in Vietnam holds more promise since he's young, has the looks and somewhat of a voice.

Recently, the young singer has been rumored to have a romantic relationship with singer Xuan Mai because the two have been seen together singing and hanging out quite often. According to Justin, they are only close friends starting when Xuan Mai first came over to the U.S. Furthermore he lets out a secret that he's also close to singer Toc Tien and that the three are close friends, getting along very well. When meet up, the three could talk for hours. But those are merely friendship feelings, claimed Justin.

On May 5th, the singer will arrange a party on the occasion of his birthday as a way to interact and with audiences in Vietnam. At the party, Justin will present songs in which he choreographed, especially joined by singers Thanh Thao, Ngo Kien Huy, Ung Dai Ve and P&P Group. Also the program has the participation of singer Gia Han, Dương Thai Long, Sa Khang, Thuy Khanh, La Thang Group, and etc...


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