Saturday, June 04, 2011

Jennifer Pham Responds to Quang Dung's Interview

Actress Jennifer Pham read the recent news article where her ex, singer Quang Dung opened up about their split. In the article, the singer commented on the mystery man whom news media are suspecting as Jennifer’s new man. Quang Dung confirmed the news and said that the mystery man used to be a close friend of his. He also commented on Jennifer's recent statement about looking for a man to lean on for her and her son.  Jennifer's feeling toward the whole article is not too happy. According to the actress, some of the information shared by her ex is inaccurate yet she will go into details because she does not want to add on the heated discussion that’s surrounding her and Quang Dung. In addition, Jennifer strayed away from using the term “divorce” as to not affect the fans’ favorability toward her and her ex husband. When the time is right or in a special occasion, the actress will open up to the public but not right now. Lastly, she wishes that the public would not get rowdy over the issues between her and Quang Dung. After all, it is personal and only the two of them know best.


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