Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jennifer Pham: The Most Successful of Them all

In the Vietnamese community overseas, beauty pageants are everywhere. There are more small ones to a more global one. Those that get recorded to DVDs and put on sale are generally more known. Thus pageant winners and runner ups would often make headlines as winners of such competitions. However, not many of them actually become successful in the showbiz or remain in the spotlight for long. You might see some on commercials or others for scandals here and there, but then that is it. However, in the case of beauty queen Jennifer Pham, she has to be the most popular, recognized and successful of them all.

Jenni's real name is Phạm Vũ Phượng Hoàng born in 1985 in Vietnam and moved to the U.S. in 1988. She started out as Miss Vietnam USA runner up in 2004. Then in the following years she was named Vietnamese American Top Model 2005, Miss Vietnam Southern California 2006 and Miss Asia USA 2006. With beauty pageant experiences and good looks Jennifer was asked to star in "Những Chiếc Lá Thời Gian" (Leaves of Time) where she met Quang Dung. In September of 2007, the two tied the knot at Sofitel hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Soon the duo celebrated the birth of their son; Bao Nam (previously named An Nam). They couple remained happy and were seen at many social events. Jennifer was called by Quang Dung as his angel.

The duo Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham became the hottest couple in Vietnam and Jennifer started to gain the interest and like of the Vietnamese people at home. On the other hand, Quang Dung began expanding his music overseas. Working separately in two different continents had created numerous rumors of a break up. Ultimately, "the perfect couple" was separated since 2009. Although the marriage to famous singer Quang Dung had made her a household name, Jennifer Pham slowly created her own success in Vietnam as well as overseas.

Jennifer Pham is no longer just a beauty queen, but now an actress starring the television drama "Xin The Anh Noi That." Prior she has done singing, hosting, modeling and was the face of many marketing products in the Vietnam. Her elegance and beauty made her likable by many. Even with the short lived marriage to singer Quang Dung, Jennifer is holding her own as she is raising their son and juggling a career. Now at the age of 26, she is only just beginning her career. Jennifer Pham had made a name for herself and the road ahead holds much promise for the young starlet.


Anonymous said...

shes gorgeous!! has a very warm and friendly smile :) she shoulda won...the "winner" is nothin compared to jen

Anonymous said...

Leyna Nguyen is also very successful. She won 3 Emmy Awards. Also, Miss Asia USA is a famous beauty pageant test and it's not hosted by Vietnamese people. The Miss Asia USA attracts a lot of Asians in America and winning it is a big thing. You probably should look up more to see what other winners are doing before you can conclude. To my knowledge, Jennifer is not only beautiful but she has some interest in Vietnam culture and wants to live in Vietnam community because with her profile, it's not hard to build a career in the U.S.