Nguyet Anh Cooking at Thu Phuong's House

At around 5 in the afternoon, singers Nguyet Anh and Thu Phuong start cooking at Thu Phuong's house. They were making "thit ba roi cham mam nem." A Southern Vietnamese dish that Thu Phuong only started making after meeting her current husband, Dung (as known as Dung Den). He's known as her manager back then and was the one who took her in when she first started her singing career in the U.S. The Vietnamese community were sensitive and still is with anything communist and so singers at home (Vietnam) were not welcomed. Its weird saying that they were anti-singers from Vietnam because who are the singers that are here now? They're Vietnamese singers no less. It is just that these Vietnamese "American" singers came before others and were here at or around the time of the Vietnam War. But that was the excuse; however to me it's all business- hating. Anyway, I am so sorry for the side track. Let's enjoy the photos below. I love food and I like anything "cuon" or roll, however... I can't eat "mam nem." It’s so sad, so sad.

Singers Thu Phuong, Nguyet Anh and Hue Quyen

Thu Phuong's son Barry.

Thu Phuong's son, Harry (17)