Ho Hoang Yen Gets Her Hair Cut

Check out a video of Asia's singer Ho Hoang Yen as she is getting her hair cut at Le Brian Salon, a place where the "stars" go as advertised in the video following this. Nhu Loan, Lynda Trang Dai, Duong Trieu Vu, Ngoc Lien and Tam Doan all shared their testimonies in their advertisement clip. Ho Hoang Yen as we know her is a singer for Asia, but she is also a tattoo makeup artist as listed on the website for Le Brian Salon. Also on the list of stylist is singer Thai Tai who is also a photographer and does hair and makeup. The owner of the place is Phillip Truong AKA Phi who works for Thuy Nga Paris by Night backstage. Le Brian Salon is all people from showbiz inside and out and is located in Westminster California. Let me know what you think.