Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham Celebrate Son's Birthday

Although they're separated, Jennifer Pham and Quang Dung still organize regularly birthday parties for their son. Bao Nam's fourth birthday took place at a grand hotel in HCMC on February 13, 2012. Initially Jennifer Pham wanted Bao Nam to bring in the New Year in Vietnam, but her mom was sick so he didn't come to Vietnam until the 9th of February.

Bao Nam's birthday was held a day early with the participation of family, relatives and friend of Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham. Jennifer Pham's parents were both present, but only Quang Dung's mom was there because his dad's healthy wasn't good and so he couldn't fly from Quy Nhon to Saigon. Quang Dung's gift to his son is a trip to Thailand while Jennifer gave her son a car designed bed and game consoles. "Bao Nam is the most meaningful Valentine gift and he is also my greatest love," shared Jennifer.

Bao Nam was very happy to receive all the gifts from aunties and uncles, especially Lego, superhero and cars figures. After the birthday party, Jennifer's parents returned to America, but Bao Nam remained a few days in Saigon to play with his ​​mom. Keeping his promise, Quang Dung will take his son on a trip to Thailand. Also Jennifer Pham, Quang Dung and Bao Nam will visit grandfather in Quy Nhon. Source