Quang Dung Spent Time with Son in Thailand

Quang Dung spent a peaceful time with his son Bao Nam in Thailand. The singer and his son took a short trip as part of a birthday celebration for Bao Nam who turns 4 on Valentine's Day this year. His son's birthday was something that Quang Dung looked forward to since the beginning of the year. From the 17 to the 20th of February, Quang Dung, Bao Nam and family visited Thailand. Bao Nam was every eager to go out with his father.

Quang Dung shared that his son was well behaved throughout the trip and would often posed for pictures taken by daddy. Furthermore, Bao Nam is self sufficient so he didn't bother his dad or anyone on the trip when it comes to eating or personal activities. Quang Dung really loves his son. Bao Nam calls him, "dad Dung" and he calls his son "Nam" when they would converse with each other.

In the three days in Thailand, Quang Dung took his son to the temple, entertainment centers and shopping. This is not the first time the singer has taken his son on a trip. According to Quang Dung, this is one of the ways to conserve for Bao Nam calm moments in his childhood. Sadly, ex-wife Jennifer Pham could not accompany their son on the trip because she was busy. However, prior to the trip, Bao Nam had a cozy birthday with both Quang Dung and Jennifer in HCMC on February 13, 2012. Source


Anonymous said…
Aww!! cute boy n QD is a great father. Sadly the relationship b/t QD n Jennifer not work out. They make a cute couple.