Quang Dung Doesn't Want to Love Anymore

Quang Dung shared in a recently interview that after his fail marriage with ex wife Jennifer Pham, he has not been trying to find love, be in love or having any hopes or thinking regarding love. The singer went further into saying that he doesn't even think about his future in term of another marriage, any relationship or having more children. Quang Dung even hates Valentine's Day and doesn't want to talk about it. Ironically, his son, Bao Nam was born on February 14. So every year around this time, he's busy planning his son's birthday. Quang Dung explained that he gets really excited when he thinks about his son's birthday.

As always both Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham are busy with their schedule as a celebrity that they do not have much time to spend with their son. Quang Dung explained that he and his ex wife feel "a pain" about the matter so they try arranging work and be available in the U.S. for their son whenever possible. "I know, no matter how hard I try that I cannot make up for my son's childhood."

When commenting on that fact that Jennifer Pham has someone right now. Quang Dung shared about his current status, which is all about his son, Bao Nam. "Bao Nam is way then enough for me. He's motivation to live my life." Quang Dung's relationship with Jennifer Pham has not yet been "normalized" according to his words. However, they are able to sit down to discuss matter regarding their son. Life for the singer right now is "peaceful, fulfilling, financially and mentally stable." Quang Dung revealed that he is person who lives life slowly, speak slowly and enjoys purification in the home. "I am someone who lives for family."  Source


quynh said…
rumor has it that he's gay...perhaps that's why he doesn't think about marriage anymore?
Anonymous said…
hahahha probably!
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