Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thuy Nga says Bye Bye to Thuy Tien

After the rumors of Tu Quyen and Nguyet Anh leaving Thuy Nga, was Thuy Tien also on that chopping block? She was missing from Paris by Night 99, 102 and 103. And it looks like Thuy Tien will not be in Paris by Night 104 because her name is not on the official line up for singers. Thuy Tien's section in Thuy Nga's discussion forum has also been removed along with Nguyet Anh. Thuy Nga Paris by Night is a leading production in Vietnamese entertainment overseas. Thus many artists will want to work with the production. But Thuy Nga cannot work with all. In a letter to fans, Tu Quyen commented that relationships with the production have to end in order for new ones to form. And we see that Anh Minh will perform in the upcoming Paris by Night 104 as well as Hong Ngoc's brother Khang Viet. What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

In my opinion it's kinda sad that Thuy Tien is leaving. To me, she has an interesting voice. Even though the newer songs that she sings might not always be top-dollar, but her singing voice is definitely one of the more interesting ones.

Anonymous said...

Her voice is weird , never like her! PBN made right decision to let her go !

Anonymous said...

Dear Paris By Night,

WHYYYYYYYYYY. her voice is unique with a touch of raspiness. how can one compare to that? i can care less for nguyet anh and nameless khang viet (anh minh's coo)!. you made a dumb decision by allowing all these bac ky singers infesting the the production one song during one tasteless performance at a time and now letting go one of the last GOOD voices??? YALLLL IDIOTS.