Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cú và Chim Se Sẻ - Owl and the Sparrow

"The story follows three Vietnamese individuals (a runaway child, a zoo keeper and a flight attendant) over a period of five days as they meet in modern day Vietnam. A beautiful flight attendant looking for love. A lonely zookeeper hiding within his animal kingdom from a changing society. A little orphan girl selling roses on the streets. It's modern-day Saigon, where eight million people are just trying to keep up with the pace. The three lonely strangers form a unique family as a ten-year old orphan plays matchmaker to a zookeeper and a beautiful flight attendant."

Cast: Cat Ly, The Lu Le, Han Thi Pham, Peter Nguyen
Director: Stephane Gauger
Producer: Timothy Linh Bui (Executive), Nam Doan Nhat , Van Quan Nguyen, Ham Tran
Genre(s): Coming of Age, Drama, Romance, Social Issues, Women's Issues
Runtime: 97 min
Released: March 2007
Distributed by: Annam Pictures
Language: Vietnamese English Subtitles
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My Thoughts:
I'm excited to see Cat Ly starred in another another movie. She made a big transformation as the singer in Van Son Production to being an actress. Her big debut was in Journey From The Fall along with Diem Lien who made a big start in the movie industry. I have not seen this movie, but I will watch it when I have a chance. By the way, check out other films, Saigon Eclipse, The Rebel, Saigon Love Story, Derailed Heart, Journey From The Fall, The Spirits and The White Silk Dress.


Le said...

Thanks for posting this! looks really good compared to other vietnamese movies. Can't wait to see it

Anonymous said...

omg i've been waiting for this movie for a while (ok maybe just 7 months)! i hope it comes out on dvd or in some small theatres.

Anonymous said...

The movie screen was shaking too much. we got headache after watching it for about 10 minutes.