Thursday, December 22, 2011

When Celebrities Travel 3

Can you guess where these celebrities traveled to? Some are easy to guess, others are not so obvious. Click here for a previous post of 'When Celebrities Travel.' Click on the images to enlarge. Enjoy. Also check out other fun posts such as Wacky Moments, What Are They Doing, Celebrities Gone Wild, Guess Who?, Whose Child is This?, Celebrities in Everyday Life, Out and About, Celebrities and their Families, Celebrities' Spouse, Famous Children, Blast from the Past, Celebrities in Their Younger Year, Viet Singers in Bikini, and Celebrities and Food.

Diem Suong

Le Huynh & Kieu Oanh

The Son

Linda Chou & Andy Quach

Quang Le

Le Minh Nhut & Calvin Hiep

Nguyet Anh

Don Ho

Tran Thai Hoa

Cat Tien

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